Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards seek to prevent debris from clogging so that water flows correctly through your gutters and downspouts. Here’s how we classify gutter protection systems:

This category refers to any of the dozens of gutter protection systems that are available for sale online and at the big box DIY stores.

This category refers to any of the gutter protection companies, roofers or contractors that provide professionally installed gutter guards.

Pros and Cons : Compare the benefits of both systems.

Homeowner Installed

Pros Cons
A less expensive solution. Requires personal installation.
Convenient to purchase. Typically not a product with a warranty or guarantee.
Not a long lifespan. May require replacement within several years.
Outdated technology. Will not keep all debris out of gutters.
Will still require manual gutter cleaning.

Professionally Installed

Pros Cons
Backed by warranties and guarantees. Higher priced than DIY solutions.
Installed by professional and/or licensed individuals. Numerous product types. Difficult to create like comparisons.
May have a lengthy, 20+ year, lifespan. Some products may impact or void your roof warranty.
Newer, advanced technology.
May require minor upkeep.

Which Type Is The Best? There’s no right answer for everyone.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you’re looking to save a few bucks, and you don’t mind having to perform gutter cleaning and maintenance – the homeowner installed solution might be best for you.

*NOTE – If the homeowner installed system lets smaller debris into your gutters then your gutter cleaning would become a three-part chore.
Step 1: Remove or uninstall the gutter guards.
Step 2: Clean your gutters.
Step 3: Reinstall your gutter guards.

If you are looking for a permanent solution that requires little or no maintenance, then a professionally installed solution may be best for you.

Within the Homeowner and Professionally installed groups there are several subcategories or product types.

Homeowner Installed Professionally Installed
Metal Screens Slit/Hole Gutter Covers
Plastic Screens Reverse Curve
Sponge/Foam Micro Mesh
Brush Inserts or Pipe Cleaners
Slit/Hole Gutter Covers